22 April 2008

Sunglasses Buying Guide

Like any other things, there are also things to consider when you're about to buy sunglasses. Here's a quick guide to buy sunglasses. First that you should consider is that sunglasses are made and designed to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. You should get yourself a good filtering UV sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful UV sun rays. Whatever you choose, first you have to make sure that you are protected. For safety tips you should choose to wear sunglasses with at least 99% UV protection. Lenses should be gray, green, brown the bigger the better. Choose wrap around sunglasses provide extra measure of protection. Choose Polarized lenses cut down glare on sunny days and is extremely useful when driving.

When it comes for sport shades for your sports activity whether it's Cycling, kayaking, hiking, running sailing, skiing, snowboarding you got to consider one of these basics. Here's your guide to buy sunglasses. Look for Polarization and UV Protection, no slip grip, lightweight and durable frames sunglasses, aerodynamics and lens colors like written above. You should also find your personal style. For men you can choose between Aviator, sport wrap, rimless, celebrity, rectangular rim or vintage. For women you can choose Jackie O, Aviators, Over sized Square, Cat Eye, or tortoise shell. Whatever it is just make sure you're well protected.

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nice article..

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i like the way you review something :0
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